Me and a group of co-workers purchase a coupon from a walk-in telemarketer in our office one day which the price of the coupon was a steal the price was 50$ and you get 300$ worth of services in 5 different visit at this salon in broken arrow Oklahoma, which we asked if they were for real?

So he gave us the number of the salon and we called and asked prior to the purchase if it was a gimmick they said no it is true the coupons are in fact real not a gimmick.

So we purchased coupons and some of us 2 or 3 for gift for love ones. Later find out, with no exceptions nonrefundable of the purchase when finding out that the salon was no longer accepting the coupons for the original value. Proclaiming that they made a poor judgement call with the coupons and they would go under if they were to honor the total value and then one of my co workers decided to go in for the visit with the haircut session and discovered the stylist was inexperienced and she kept asking for help from another which mad it uncomfortable and long process so the sole purpose of the coupons were to get 50$ and practice on those people and waste their time to an emotional event that should have never happened.

And now I waisted alot of money and never received a service because I'm afraid I'll get jacked up like my co-worker did.The lesson in all this is nothing is what it seems I recommend never assume its what it says either cause not only was I not getting any service with the salon I tried to get in contact with owner and I felt no compassion for the fraudulent act they didn't realize they were supposedly doing to the public.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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They did all those coupon customers wrong they will pay eventually when they dont know it.Poor judgement my a** they knew what they were doing. Thats not what you'd make a judgement call on it's serious thats messin with innocent people


Wow!I live in B.A.

O.K I've seen that place it never seems open for buisness I guess the peopoe never realy wanted to work I bet they got a high turn over. Now after seeing all the comments from all the sites I now know why.Not every one commits obviouslythis sites had38 hits and only 4 commits.

but you know there talking about it to everyone.Man I'd be surprised if they survive.......


I was so nervious beyond my control getting my hair done in this shop but it was to late.I had to tell the stylist I had to hury after 45 minutes of cutting and if there was some one else that could help her get the cut done it seemed forever for her to get the cut done the longer I sat there the more nervous I got so she got the manager to help her thank god the cut ended up ok but its deffinetly not what I was aiming for but nothing else could be done I had to go to a shorter cut.

Found out the manager had alot of exsperience that might be the only thang in there holding that place up and another girl in there to seemed pretty good and seemed helpful with the other girl in there I didn't get it.They have two girls who knew what they were doing and others who seemed like they were in training how can they charge the prices they do I guess because they'r giving the extra to the exsperienced, hopefully all.


place sucks.my hair is jacked up....


tashi deley salon sucks, the owner is soo rude.she looks stress out, and her emloyee, which was the only one, doesn't know how to cut hair.no way that i would ever come back.

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